Sunday, 15 January 2017

Friday the 13th

A tenth anniversary too
Life can't get any more interesting than mulling over the fact that yesterday was my 10th Wedding Anniversary .... then it hit me that it WAS Friday the 13th.  My mom questioned the wisdom of getting married on the date with 13th.  

Wouldn't that be bad luck?
I reckoned that since my husband, the Hunkster Hubster, I affectionately call him was born on the 13th of December, you couldn't get any luckier than that, because 2x13=26 so it really isn't bad luck.  If you take his birth month and birth date, you get 25 (12+13) ... with mine as 22 (04+18) making him ODD and me even.

A full moon risen
to add intrigue to the insight, we have a beautiful winter moon.  It doesn't get more surreal than this:  a ghostly moon because of the artic air descended upon us, a fainted white.  From the reflection of the snow and crystals casting about a diamond glow.

The future for sure
How back then I probably imagined what our life would be like.   Because there were a few things we both felt strongly about:

  • our kids
  • making a family
  • home

Blended dreams
folded into goals.  To bring together four really quite bright kids and wish for the best.  We blended more than our kids, we began new traditions that today envelope wonderful memories.  

Almost comical
as to what we worried about back then.  Would the Princess eat at the table with the rest of the royalty, whom were never allowed to treat her as though she invaded our home.  Do we really expect to continue to sit at the table for dinner every single night, as he'd observed as our home life.  

Upheaval be damn
was my battle cry.  I would never allow normalcy be invaded by doom.  The best to hang on to are the traditions that were mired in each other's parents homes.  A nightly dinner with a tastefully set table was as normal as it ever has been in years since.  

Soccer teams
and soccer moms.  Lined up on the field, relaxing with a cup of usually Tim Horton's coffee.  Known to be different, mine would be star bucks in a thermos,
a throwback to the days I spent at the arena in my youth, with a sparkle in my eye that I would become a member of the Ice Capades in a few short years.  If I worked hard.  Even after I started to be able to drive myself to those 6 a.m. skates, my mom would always make me some hot chocolate in a thermos to have between figures and free skate or dance.   One of those things you take for granted, become implanted with habits carried into our adulthood, parenthood.

And a dog named Buddy
Our best friend, companion, faithful, loyal, protective guardian of our hearts.  I'm talking about all of us.  Realizing now, how difficult it was to trust again, to give someone else your heart, so fearful of having it trampled upon.  Again.

10 years of craziness
I would be remiss or untruthful if I said anything otherwise.  Yikes.  Three girls in their hormonal prime:  12, 13, 15 years old.  Then the sole boy 17 then.  The girls took their turns with their theatrics and drama a heart beat away.  By the two older girls, not the baby of the family, a girl.   She hung back, took it all in, keen to observe.  And learn.  To be better than them at causing parents heart attacks and heart ache at such potential being thrown away.

How far we've come since
One daughter married, another one kicking ass in university, the other one killing it in Vancouver, starting to really shine.  It is really rewarding to watch how they blossom.  Even the, at times, lonely son.  Such strong character, work ethic and morals gracefully etched into their beings.  The blending together must have really worked.  A bond created among all, including the new brother by married for the son.  

What wasted time worrying is
Try as much as you want, someone else is steering your life.  Is it God?  Is it fate?  Is it by design?  You are on a worldly path, setting strong examples for your children in your own beliefs, morals and kindness you try to uphold.  The Hunkster Hubster is a very strong man.  Not just in stature but in demeanor and presence.  How cool for someone to have such an anchor, from within themselves.

You may wonder what's your path?
..... are you on track, been misguided, failed or succeeded?  Life laughs at its own sense of humor as you discover you already have.  Creating this peaceful, safe, nucleus of family, is a success many dream of.  

Except now the table is bigger
and will eventually grow even more.  As grandchildren and boyfriends and praying for wife and more husbands build and grow from the foundation.  Of two apprehensive in taking a risk on love.  For the most part, our home is still the focal point in most of our lives.  Drifting in importance other times.  

Contentment and peacefulness
is an art of the life kind.  To be home, with just the Hunkster Hubster and our faithful companion, Buddy, the dog.  Is bliss and oasis rolled into one.  I could be at home 24/7.  Without a blip.  Writing and painting, cooking and creating an ever evolving home and garden.  It really is where I want to be most of the times.

Paradise in blue green waters
pull me back in my reflection of the past 10 years.  There have been life events and priorities that have prevented that annual honeymoon in far away places we wanted to explore together.

I worry a little
that we wont get a chance to again, since it was annual up until after the fourth year.  A go at a company, primarily run by my husband, when it was suppose to be forward march together.  I acted on the gleam in my eye that was caused by a great career opportunity so my focus was sporadic.  

If I only I knew then 
what I know now how things would have been different.  Using the internet and social media to market the company since time was a limited resource available for contribution back then.  

Building trust and memories
is never an easy feat.  Yet we have done so together, mildly so since the baby of the family left two years, almost three years ago.  Restored or instilled into sharing our life together.

Now is as important as ever
as we are in our fifties and wise to the twists and turns and speedbumps that can surface unexpectedly.  While firm in the commitment, the contentment found with each other's company.  We like it.  We enjoy it.  I can't imagine spending it with anyone else.

Happy Anniversary Love

xoxoxoxoxo Jeannette

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Prince and the Puppeteer

authenticity personified
The stark contrast between Obama and Trump have never been clearer than they were tonight.

So many can't help but notice how different these two men are.  After tonight's farewell address, there is no question who is "the Prince" and this story, and whom I am cementing my plan.  However possible that may be, likely not overnight.  

The Prince and the Puppeteer
My quirky twist on a classic fairy tale was tempting to use but "The Prince and the Pauper" would have been wrong.  The anti-hero, antagonist to this tale is a bazillionaire, confirmed by nevermind, a boast of his own kind.  

The Gentleman and the Bully
seems to be catchy as well.  As my creative soul seeps out to my fingertips on these keys.  A startling front page of some big national newspaper known for its journalism, ingenuity and risk taking bravado that the Gentlemen so eloquently orated that his wife was his best friend.  The love in his eyes and the genuine tears would make many ladies aswoon (falling into swoon) who could only imagine, never experience, the gaze of strength, manhood, leadership, father, husband morally grounded so evidence by the adoration in his daughter's eyes.
The integrity, honesty, pride was evident in his eyes.  We became unified by that feeling of inclusiveness, witnessing a truly great event.  Uplifting.  Inspiring.  

Leadership leading the audience
on a journey of history shared, written and spoken in such a beautiful, flowing way.  Gently reminding his team (which included a very big country) how much they have accomplished together over the past number of his stated years.  Chiding them to get off their tuffs and get signed up and sign on to being leaders of change.

The Pauper
in the story is the child, the man who had become adored by literally millions, could rise from even where his parenting, citizenship belonged, thrown into circumstances that were part of the circumstances to which he was born.  The climb up, stand proud and push forward to become one of the greatest leaders that come so quickly to mind.    Great resonance in admonition to send a powerful message that one's own determination is the only thing limiting one's ambition, which degrees decree force.  

Thank you Barrack Obama
for what you have done
not just for your country
but for many beyond.

Restorer of hope and symphonic
"yes we can" chorus Obama championed.
To a choir of billions
help rapt in those words.

The king of 1961
to which he should be crowned.
I cannot think of anyone more worthy
than the person within.

Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness flow
fueled by his loyal herd
as a son, husband, father he is first,
magnetic to the tides of those wanting change.

Our king of 1961
forever should be crowned.
As one of the best speakers, speech makers
of any time, not of one.

Thank you and forever gratitude
will linger in our hearts
the gift of watching you uplift many
to a world of servitude
to help all mankind, not just our family.
As brothers and sisters of a nation.
No division of color or where's one station.

I will share and post this on other blogs, as posts... check out Twitter to use the #hashtag #thankYOUmrOBAMA.

Monday, 9 January 2017

in with a BANG!

Bright lights, big city, where i live.  A cosmopolitan city in the finest form.  If you want to think of destinations in the world the come first to mind, it would not be my city.  Not Los Angeles, nor Atlanta with traffic snarls, gang snarls, nor dusty, dirty cultures.  Except maybe lately when one is becoming severely disenchanted with the current incumbent whom I fear will go uncontested as he sheds his cloak and sheds that shiny veneer (of his suits, that is).  Just not the type of man I want to embed in our youngsters' minds that he is perfectly normal.  A single guy who lives in his mother's basement while making probably, oh, $250,000 a year.  He sounds like he has admitted who he REALLY is, walled out from faith pressure.   So, he comes across the every man or woman's big or little brother, depending on your age.

I will mail you a gift if you guess where i'm from?  I was on the REDDITgifts exchange this past 2016, and it was of the coolest things I have done online ... more than likely since I jumped online, fingers first, brain later.  No, I try to stay clear of controversy, yet I've been known (probably hard to prove because my typical blogging numbers aren't that high. 

 HOWEVER, the followers that I have, I tend to really interact with, consistently.  Most people just amass numbers, and regardless of how many hours you clock in online, everyone basically has a ratio of how much time they spend online, what you are doing while you are online, OR who are you doing it with?  (a vendor~because you are a shopper) (a reader~swiping through content, like a mad painter swishing side by side) (an audience~you blog, you post, you like, you reTweet, you share while you know the online Code of Conduct  and observe the unwritten rules (that will be sidebarred to another writing adventure).

🅶 I adore experimenting with design, style along with my writing.  I want to develop that more as I progress along.  With you, the reader.  I'm an avid reader who likes the odd movie :: the stronger the screenplay, the better actors, the better something with umph are my most favorites.